Field Bindweed


Field Bindweed

DESCRIPTION: Field Bindweed is a creeping perennial weed with white or pink trumpet-shaped flowers that bloom from late spring to early autumn. It grows by twining around plants and can quickly form dense mats on the ground. The leaves are arrow-shaped and have a smooth texture. Field bindweed can be found in many types of soils and can thrive in a wide range of temperatures. It is considered a problematic weed in agriculture and gardening as it competes with other plants for nutrients, water, and sunlight.

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Convolvulus arvensis

OTHER NAMES: Morning Glory

LEAF TYPE: Broadleaf

FLOWERS: Trumpet shaped ranging in color from white to pink. Flowers will have five petals and have a disticnt fragrance.

LEAVES: Arrow-shaped with smooth texture

LIFE CYCLE: Perennial

HOW TO IDENTIFY: Look for arrow shaped leaves leaves that are smooth to the touch and green in color as well as trumpet-shaped flowers that are typically white or pink. The flowers will be about an inch wide and have five petals that are fused at the base. It grows by twining around other plants and will typically display as a dense mat on the ground. Stems are slender and can grow up to 6ft in length. Also look for underground stems (rhizomes).

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"Pre-emergent herbicides:
Trifluralin: Trifluralin is a selective pre-emergent herbicide
Isoxaben: Isoxaben is another pre-emergent herbicide
Oryzalin: Oryzalin is a pre-emergent herbicide
Dithiopyr: Dithiopyr is a pre-emergent herbicide

Post-emergent herbicides:
Glyphosate: Glyphosate is a non-selective systemic herbicide
2,4-D: 2,4-D is a selective systemic herbicide
Dicamba: Dicamba is another selective systemic herbicide

Selective herbicides:
Aminopyralid: Aminopyralid is a selective systemic herbicide
Clopyralid: Clopyralid is a selective systemic herbicide
Sulfosulfuron: Sulfosulfuron is a systemic herbicide
Non-Selective herbicides: "

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